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FieldView is the industry’s tool of choice when engineers must deliver better results within fast design cycles.  Use FieldView to make your decisions quickly and with confidence.

FieldView 18 Brings your CFD to Life!

FieldView 18 adds realistic rendering, reflected environments and unlimited colors to bring your results to life. Increased performance, new data readers and advances in our CFD Data Analytics capabilities make FieldView 18 the fastest, most powerful FieldView ever. 

FV18signature webultraFluidX simulation results courtesy of Altair. Post-processing with FieldView 18

New   Predefined Materials Provide an Intuitive Materials Selection

BH environments 2 webEasily apply predefined material properties from the new Materials tab or from a shortcut on the Surface tab.
Large thumbnails provide a sneak peek at the rendering effect. No need to adjust a long list of light reflection settings.

Choose between six predefined reflected environments for a realistic effect that suits your application. Then add a background image to further increase the realistic impact of your scene.

New   Editable Material Colors - Choose from Over 16 million Colors

FV18 colors webMaterials like glass and plastic come in various colors in real life. FieldView 18 lets you color your surfaces with a virtually unlimited pallet.

Hit the color wheel icon to select from over 16 million colors. Save and reuse your favorites in Custom Colors.

There is no limit to the number of colors used per session.

New   Filter Bar for Boundary Types - Easily Group Boundary Conditions by Name

FilterBar webType a word in the filter bar and the list of Boundary Types automatically updates. Hit Select All, then OK and the corresponding Boundary Surface gets created. In the same way, Deselect All operates on the filtered list.

The Filter Bar supports wildcards with “*” and “?”. It has been designed for performance on 1,000s of entries.

New   Data Analytics - FieldView is at the Forefront of Data Analytics Applied to CFD

DataAnalytics webThe FieldView installation package comes with new MATLAB/Octave scripts for querying CFD results over time, performing a POD analysis and writing the results to PLOT3D. This allows you to close the loop and visualize modes as Iso Surfaces back into FieldView, as shown in this image.

You can now save your videos as individual images to run an analysis on the pixels and avoid having to resample your data.

New   Built-in λ2 Vortex Detection Method - New Function is 200x Faster and Much Easier than a Formula

FV18 lamdba2 webNative support for Q-criterion was introduced in FieldView 17. FieldView 18 continues to help CFD practitioners by adding another widely used vortex identification method,
λ2 (Jeong and Hussain, 1995).

The new criterion is directly available from the Function Formula Specification panel.

There is no longer a need to create a complex formula, Plus, the built-in function has been optimized, leading to a 200x speed up.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Better Support for Building-Cube Method (BCM) and Multi-Physics Solvers.

Maximum number of grid blocks raised to 100,000.

Support for up to 2,048 variables.

FV18 BCM webBCM simulation results courtesy of the Fourth Aerodynamics Prediction Challenge (
Post-processing with FieldView 18

The Fastest FieldView to Date

Our users rely on FieldView because it is fast. To make it even faster FieldView has introduced the following improvements:

  • 10x speed up for reading arbitrary polyhedra on Windows. 15% speed up on Linux and OS X.
  • 2x speed up for software rendering
  • 5x faster generation of keyframe animations for large cases
  • Faster interaction when menus and panels cover a complex scene

For more details on FieldView 18 features, view our What's New in FieldView 18 document.

Experience the speed, productivity and powerful insights FieldView 18 delivers. Contact us today!

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