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FieldView 19 Introduces Hybrid Parallelism with Multithreading

This new version will speed your work, bring greater clarity to your CFD solutions and provide improved ease of use. 

FV19 temp signature webultraFluidX simulation results courtesy of Altair. Post-processing with FieldView.

New   Hybrid Parallelism with Multithreading - Up to 13x Faster Streamlines and Curved Vectors

Streamlines Speed UpFieldView has been using MPI parallel for years. FieldView 19 is our first version to also use multithreading to take advantage of multi-core processors and speed up operations that are not well suited for MPI parallel. Hence the term hybrid parallel.

Streamlines and curved vectors are now computed concurrently on all threads, whether you’re running in serial or MPI parallel mode, on a laptop or a cluster, giving you great speed ups.

More operations will benefit from multithreading in future releases.

New   New “Arrows & Lines” Display Type for Surface Flows - Show the Direction of Complex Flows With a Still Image

Surface FlowsSurface Flows are a great way to show separation and reattachment. This new display option adds arrows on top of your flow lines to show the flow’s local direction.

The size and number of arrows can easily be adjusted.

In addition, Surface Flows and Streamlines can now be limited by duration even when computed in both directions from a seed location.

New   Colormap Selector Improvements - Faster, Easier, More Customizable Selection of Colormaps

ColormapsSelect colormaps from the Colormap tab or from the main tab with a more graphical version of the menu.

Bring your favorite colormaps to the top of the list and make any colormap your default.
Get a preview of all colormaps with the large icons.

The taller menu provides easier access to user defined and all 53 predefined colormaps.

New   Achromatic Colormaps - Use the Right Colormap to Understand and Communicate Your Results

New Colormaps4 new colormaps are being introduced: Inferno, Magma, Plasma and Viridis. Their linearly varying luminance provides better insight than traditional maps, prints well in gray scale and remains clear even for those having troubles seeing colors (see comparison with default colormap Spectrum below).

New colormaps are now highlighted in the list to make them easier to find.

New   Boundary Surface Clipping - Easily Clip Boundary Surfaces by
X, Y and Z (Or by Cylindrical Coordinates)

Boundary Surface ClippingBoundary Surfaces can now be truncated by all three Cartesian or cylindrical coordinates at the same time. The pre-existing Threshold features remains available for clipping by a scalar.

The Boundary Surface panel has been reorganized to make room for this new feature.
Boundary Surface Clipping is also supported in FVX and python.

This feature is currently limited to unstructured datasets.

And Many More Improvements...
  • Filter Bar on Function Selections help you get to the functions you need quickly.
  • License manager update for greater security. Note: This license manager update is required to run FieldView 19.
  • Scripting, FVX and Python improvements make it easier to do more in batch.
  • Updated readers for Altair ultraFluidX, Altair AcuSolve and Ensight.
  • And about 20 new other improvements and fixes.

For more details on FieldView 19 features, view our What's New in FieldView 19 document.

Experience the speed, productivity and powerful insights FieldView 19 delivers. Contact us today!

{visuallibrary 25} New Colormaps

Achromatic Colormaps - Use the Right Colormap to Understand and Communicate Your Results




For more details on FieldView 17 features, view our the What's New in FieldView 17 document.