Choosing The Right FieldView Solution - FieldView CFD

FieldView products are available in annual and perpetual licenses. Licenses are floating and available to entire team through your license server.

  • Annual license (A) - Product license and support for specific annual or multi-year term.
  • Perpetual license (P) - Product license is purchased upfront in perpetuity but support is paid annually.
  • Single system (SS) - A node-locked (non-floating) license that runs only on a specific system for a single user and limited to 3 processor cores. Using FieldView in client-server mode provides flexibility for compute-intensive tasks.
Product Comparison
Product Description License Options

The world's most useful and productive CFD tool. Proven across domains, FieldView delivers powerful, robust post-processing and visualization from desktops to HPC.

Every FieldView license up to eight processor cores with multi-grid datasets.  Parallel file reads and post-processing save you time!

A, P, SS


Parallel 32+ and HPC

Get your results faster by using multi-core clusters and HPC resources

  • Speed up data reading and calculations
  • Large size, multi-grid cases
  • Available to support blocks of 32, 64, and Unlimited processors
A, P


Batch Pack

Batch Pack

  • Run scripts and automated workflows without user interaction
  • Leverage HPC resources to complete tasks more quickly
  • Available in packs of 5, 10, 20, 200
  • Discounts of up to 90% off standard FieldView pricing

xdbview 250

Free viewer for XDB files

  • Interact with and explore steady and unsteady datasets packaged as XDB files
  • SHARE: Enable your reviewers and collaborators to work with your datasets, views, and annotations
  • SELL: Deliver extraordinary packages that improve understanding, enable what-if explorations, and make your point
  • Keep FieldView licenses in use by analysts

XDBview, under the free license, reads XDBs that have been created by FieldView. It will not read XDBs created from DOE's VisIt code, for which FieldView is required.

Open end user license, may be freely used and shared.