Speed to Success with FieldView Services - FieldView CFD

FieldView services bring best practices and efficiencies to your CFD projects.  

To get to your goals faster, let FieldView CFD's team of experts show you the way. We offer a broad, deep range of expert perspectives and technical know-how in areas including CFD, computer science, big data, visualization, and specialized domains like aerospace and wind energy. What’s more, we’re truly passionate about making you successful with CFD.

Different industries present different challenges, but engineering teams in every market share a common goal: delivering high-quality, innovative products that consistently meet or exceed market demands, and doing so swiftly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

How can we help?

Basic Workflow Development

  • Effectively deploy new FieldView features and technologies customized to your specific needs.
  • Visualize and understand design behavior – tap our expertise to get the answers you need
  • Manage large datasets
  • Develop high-impact simulation output for review and presentation.


  • Keep current with the latest FieldView features
  • Learn new ways to make the most of your FieldView investment
  • Tailored training sessions address your team’s specific needs and engineering environment

CFD Workflow Support

  • Automate repetitive tasks and develop robust, repeatable processes
  • Develop methods and tools to manage large, complex data efficiently
  • Maximize use of HPC resources to increase capacity and throughput
  • Develop customized, application-specific GUIs


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“In a couple of hours, I've written scripts that generate in about 30 minutes max all the outputs that take 5 hours to create with their commercial solver's post-processor."

Yves-Marie Lefebvre, FieldView Managing Director