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The archive for this webinar is now available. View Recording.

Dr. Earl P. N. Duque will present "Real World Example Cases: Analysis From Wind Energy and High Lift Drag Prediction Workshop Simulations."

You will learn about methods for:

  • 100X to 1000X Data Reduction
  • Effective use of remote HPC resources for both interactive and batch operations
  • Working with data from multiple solvers including OVERFLOW2, OpenFOAM

“Cray systems provide central computational resources at commercial, academic and government centers around the world; often serving distributed user communities.  Efficient tools to analyze CFD simulation results and enable the remote user community are essential.   Management, automation, and remote visualization capabilities in FieldView are a proven technology for post processing whether the data is across the room or across the country. Cray is pleased to work with Intelligent Light to ensure this is a robust and efficient solution.”

                                                 Per Nyberg, Director of Cray Business Development

This work was recently awarded the IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award. “For the Outstanding Application of HPC for Business and Scientific Achievements."
Dr. Duque will be joined by Greg Clifford, Manufacturing Segment Manager at CRAY.  Cray is partnering with Intelligent Light to help meet the data management and remote visualization demands of their clients.  The material provided in this webinar is a great example of how simulation data management can be done effectively in a Cray environment.
A question and answer session will follow the webinar.


The archive for this webinar is now available. View Recording.


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Earl P. N. Duque, Ph. D., Manager of Applied Research, Intelligent Light

Greg Clifford, Manufacturing Market Segment Manager, Cray