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On Demand webinar.  Join Torbjörn Larsson, Creo Dynamics AB, and Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Intelligent Light, to learn how an extract-based workflow via FieldView XDBs enables Formula One teams to achieve their throughput goals.

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  Complete   55m  Full Webinar
  Part 1   5m  Intro to Formula One - rules, exterior shaping...  
  Part 2   16m   Aerodynamics - forces, points, lap time...  
  Part 3   11m   Finding Aero Performance - tools, philosophy, strategy  
  Part 4   8m  CFD Workflow - challenges, strategies
How much CFD data needs to be processed? What are we looking at?
  Part 5a   13m  CFD Data Analysis - Effects from wind direction, pressure differences and distribution.  
  Part 5b   18m   How to process and deliver all that CFD data on time?
♦ Thousands of cut planes per case 
♦ Thousands of cases 
♦ Developing a high performance CFD workflow
with Intelligent Light
  Part 6   1m  Conclusions  


You will learn: 

  • How F1 teams rely on automation to achieve exceptional results
  • Why traditional automated post-processing is no longer feasible
  • How FieldView XDB workflow makes success possible
  • How you can benefit from XDB workflow to get high quality results faster, save less data and share results across your entire enterprise

Speaker Biography

Torbjörn Larsson has an impressive background in aerodynamics and CFD methodology. His track record in Formula 1, most recently at Ferrari, establishes him as a preeminent CFD workflow engineer. He has been instrumental in building up the CFD department for the Sauber F1 team and has since led the CFD teams at Sauber, BMW and Ferrari to much success in Formula 1.

Mr. Larsson is a fluid dynamics and CFD methodology engineering consultant at Creo Dynamics AB, helping organizations improve the efficiency of their CFD operations.


"The "traditional" way of post-proccessing, loading each full CFD database and performing various data operations and comparisons is not feasile, not even if it is being fully scripted and automated!"

- Torbjörn Larsson, Creo Dynamics

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Tobjörn Larsson
Fluid dynamics & CFD methodology
Engineering Consultant, Creo Dynamics AB


Yves-Marie Lefebvre
FieldView Managing Director